Chartered Surveyors

A property purchase is usually the largest personal transaction that most of us ever make. Ensuring that the property is safe and sound is therefore vital. It is too late after you have moved in to find out that you have problems such as rotten floorboards, damp problems that have been hidden, leaks in the roof, or drains that do not work.

Very often a property can look fine on the surface especially if it has been occupied but a qualified Surveyor is trained to seek out the hidden issues that could cost you a fortune to rectify.

Our panel of Chartered Surveyors offer a rapid survey and valuation service for all types of property. We write our reports in plain English without jargon and with any necessary technical terms clearly explained. We offer three levels of service.

In addition to offering surveys and handling party wall matters, our services also include:


We provide both private and commercial valuations for individuals and institutions alike. Whether you are buying commercial or residential property and need advice or if you require valuations for probate, Capital Gains Tax or Trust purposes, we can be of assistance.

Rent Reviews and Lease Renewals

Whether you are the landlord or tenant of a retail shop, offices or industrial premises you may need advice concerning the rent review provisions or renewal procedures implied by your lease. We are fully conversant with the provisions of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1954 and experienced in the negotiation of rent reviews and lease renewals to ensure that you occupy or lease premises on the most favourable terms.

Lease Extensions

Whether you are seeking to extend your lease individually or collectively enfranchise, we can provide you with the necessary valuation advice or indeed negotiate a fair price on your behalf. This service is available for both freeholders and leaseholders.

Expert Witness

Occasionally, differences of opinion arise over building and valuation related matters including matrimonial issues, negligence and boundary disputes. We can assist and advise on the issue you have and can help solicitors to reach a settlement between the parties. We are experienced in the provision of Expert Witness Reports and, when necessary, giving evidence in Court.