Right To Manage

Right to Manage enables homeowners to take control of the management of their block, decide how it is managed and which company they may want to partner with to make their lives and the lives of their neighbours much easier.

Choosing Right to Manage can have several potential benefits for leaseholders who are, up to this point, unhappy with the running of their block. The benefits include:

  • You have a say on how your block is managed.

  • You choose which, if any, company you would like to manage your block and what level of management you would prefer.

  • You can decide how funds are allocated and spent.

  • Your service charge could reduce due to more efficient budget management and more intelligent use of resources.

  • If you choose a management company such as Magenta Investments you immediately gain transparency regarding what work is planned and completed, when and by whom.  You also gain a professional partner you can work with to carefully navigate important regulations as well as implement a longer term strategy for your block. All resulting in much happier owners and tenants.

There are certain criteria that the leaseholders and the block itself must meet before considering Right To Manage. Importantly however, the leaseholders do not have to prove fault or negligence on the part of the current landlord. If the majority of leaseholders are unhappy with the current management, then Right To Manage may well be an option.